Hello Explorer of Things.

This website serves two purposes.

  1. It serves as a personal blog/online repository for content and resources that I think are worth sharing with others.
  2. It is a cloneable website which anyone can copy, modify, customize, or otherwise use to start building (and more importantly owning) their online presence outside of social media.

Learn more about why that's important for the future of a free society.

I hope you enjoy exploring this website. Feel free to share your thoughts about this project with me directly by clicking the link below.

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How to clone this site

Step 1:

Click here to create a Webflow account.

Step 2:

Once you create a Webflow account, click the big blue button in the bottom right corner.

Step 3:

After you clone the site, you can delete all of the placeholder content and use the Webflow Editor to fill it in with your blogs, poems, random thoughts, quotes, etc. All with no need for code, or complicated technical knowhow.

You can then use the Webflow Designer to modify or customize the site and use it as a starting point as you learn to build and shape the internet for yourself.


Disclaimer: When you clone the site, you get it as is. Although I do often update the template, there is no promise of support, maintenance, or updates.

You can however hire me to update or customize the template or get involved in our pilot project for more insights on how to use the various tools we are building.