I Wonder

I wonder what you think of me.

Or if you even do.

I wonder if you ever think of me.

The way I think of you.


I wonder if you wonder.

Whether there’s a “right thing to do”.

And wonder if you've ever.

Just let your heart guide you.


I wonder what you remember.

Or how our tales conflict.

And how silly now it seems.

For us to have to quit.


I wonder about tomorrow.

And what the next might bring.

I wonder how it all went wrong.

And sit here suffering.

You see, the woman that I want.

She seems to not want me.

And all that I can think about.

Is all the her I need.

I know I made mistakes.

I clearly missed the mark.

I’m not sure how to fix the pain.

Or even where to start.


I had so many dreams.

Of things that we would do.

And written many scenes.

Staring only me and you.

I wonder how you feel.

And how this came to be.

And all that I can think about.

Is maybe it’s just me.


Impossible to love.

Always wanting more.

Unable to resist.

The things that I deplore.


So I accept the blame.

Which is what hurts the most.

Sitting here so far apart.

Yet thinking we were close.


But apparently I had it all wrong.

And it seems it’s been that way for far too long.

Both of us quietly dancing.

to the beat of a different song.

Which makes me sit and wonder.

Why things work the way they do.

And makes me wonder what the future holds.

Between me and you.


Is it really over?

Were we just having fun?

Or is this something else?

Have we just begun?

You see, you changed me at my core.

You opened up a door.

You’ve helped me see a thing.

I can't help but adore.

Then you turned your back.

And all but walked away.

Won’t you please come back.

There’s so much left to say.

I know it may not work.

And so much could go wrong.

But why not let the music play.

And dance for one more song.


Friends is not enough.

I hate to feel this way.

Knowing you're so close.

And yet so far away.


I want to give you space.

I just can’t stand the gap.

Won’t you touch my face again.

Even with a slap.


Won’t you hold me close.

Please just squeeze me tight.

So I can can sleep in peace again.

At least for one more night.