Just Friends

I thought I saw you last night.

Butterflies of fright.

My heart skipped a beat

and I was instantly weak.

I thought I could handle it

I thought I’d be ready.

But in that moment

Not a piece of me steady.

From the ends of my toes to the tips of my fingers.

The moments we shared seemed to once again linger.

The thoughts from those days came back into play,

Grabbed a hold of my brain and swept me away.

Took me to a place I’d not seen for so long.

Reminded me of things I thought were long gone.

I know it’s my fault.

I know that I quit.

I walked away,

So now, alone I sit.

Wishing it was different,

As if years had not passed.

I stare at the crowd

And drink from my glass.

Another thought,

another “what if",

another mistake,

another "just missed".

Another glimpse,

of what might have been.

But life in the past

Is not a game I can win.

So I’ll say a few words

and pretend I’m ok.

And then go on living,

but just day-by-day.

Thanks for the moments,

the smiles and the fun,

and thanks again

for our time as one.

But I hope I don’t see you

Before this trip ends

I can't stand the thought

Of being just friends.