Restoring Trust in Media

If you ask me, mistrust in media is one of the most pressing problems we face as a society. It’s something that affects us all on a daily basis and is not something we will fix overnight.

My most recent video (which I animated with drawings from an iPad) takes a deep dive into what I think lies at the root of this problem. The animated intro is about a minute long and the rest of the video takes you deep into the problems we face as it relates to online trust, and more specifically, how we can fix it.

I’d love to hear your feedback on the new format and the video in general. You can send me a message, join the conversation on Facebook, or leave a comment on YouTube.

Skip to the 5:30 mark to get to the 6 specific proposed solutions.

In it’s current state, it seems as if the established publishing infrastructure is built to incentivize the abuse of a predatory system. A system which is fed by human attention and endless advertising dollars.

A system which is purposefully designed to drive us to action online.

A system which is now being scientifically engineered to squeeze every last dollar from consumers by crossing the line from free market enterprise into full scale sales espionage.

Which brings up two interesting questions:

  1. How do we restore trust in not only the media, but in the process of exchanging reliable information on a mass scale without perverting the message or quality of content along the way?
  2. How do we maintain our freedom of expression and leverage the power of a social web to keep us all connected, but restore some trust and integrity in the systems which feed us all of our ideas?

These are the core problems which we are working to solve with the software we are building as well as in the models we are testing for how to fundamentally change the way we distribute and monetize content online.

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