The desire to create

The desire to create lives deep inside of you.

It’s the first real indication that there is something bigger than each of us in this world. There has to be. Otherwise what is that force you feel pulling at you from within?

Just as you feel the sun when you step outside each day, the desire to create constantly tugs at your mind. As if it were the gravity of your soul pulling you towards your destiny.

It’s a simple thought. One that leads you to a state of mind, and then towards action. Slowly pushing you towards the answers you have searched for your entire life.

Sometimes it seems so clear that you can even see it when you close your eyes. But no matter how hard you try to hold the thought, it disappears when you open them. You close your eyes again and the scene has changed, and every time you you blink, it’s gone again.

You grasp at it but miss. You scream for it, but there is no one to hear you in the vacuum of your own thoughts. In a world that no one else can see, but to you is so close to reality. A world which does not exist until you decide to make it so.

Until you decide to pick up a brush and paint, even if aimlessly at times. Looking for the right lines. Longing for a path to follow blindly.Searching for your art.

As your art evolves the line you are looking for will reveal itself to you. Your path will appear and your fate will become clear. When that happens, let it all go and give everything to that line.

Allow yourself to follow that line blindly. Give yourself the energy to chase that dream. Find ways to bend with it, twist with it, love, fall, and hate with it. Spin and dance with that line because that line is becoming you. That line is becoming the world you feared might actually be possible.

If you don’t like something about that line, erase it. If you can’t erase it, draw over it. And if you can’t draw over it, then find a way to paint it into something new.

This is the line of life and these are the answers you seek.

Hold on to that line for dear life for it is being drawn by the pen of a destiny you can create. A pen we can all manipulate. A pen you will inevitably need at the exact moment it runs out of ink. A moment when you will look back and finally be able to see the extent of what you have been creating all along.

It is in that moment when you will be judged. But not by the god of the Bible. Instead, you will be judged by a collective of consciousness. By the collective thoughts of those that will live around our work long after we are gone. In the minds and lives of people you’ve never even met.

That is the real heaven. Dying, knowing that your line drew something beautiful. Knowing that you can rest in peace. That you have given a gift to the world that no one else could have given it. Something that will carry on inside of the lives of others, long after you have left.

But that means inaction must become hell. Not one with fire and brimstone, but one where your line is the only thing left to look at. A place where you are forced to stare at your past, even if you hate everything you see.

That was your journey and this is your fate. This is the world in which you must create. But not for others, and not just for yourself. Quite simply, because you must. Because all that is left for you to do, is to become the best possible version of you.

So what will you create? What will be your fate? Will you sleep in peace or suffer in hate? After all, if you are reading these words, it’s not yet too late.