Together Alone

I stand beside you and feel all alone
staring at my feet, then down to my phone

Maybe inside of this small screen I'll see
a friend that's been patiently waiting for me

Someone who "likes" the things that I write
but still no one's here when day turns to night

And no matter how long I stare at that phone
I still end up feeling completely alone

Then I look at you and it seems to me
that you are as popular as anyone can be

How do you make the friends that you have
and why do I never see you feel sad

Is it that you're so much stronger than me
or is there something else, a thing I can't see

But there you sit
Holding your phone

And I Instantly wonder
If you too, are alone

Could we all be lost
together as one

Always connected
but friendships with none

You see, there is a mass of we's and a slew of you's
but it's getting harder to find the few who are true

Everyone wants
but few want to give

Everyone dies
but not not all of us live

So unplug your mind
and set down that phone

We can't solve these problem
Together alone